You can try to understand the following desrcibe about different between corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup

Monosaccharide are simple carbohydrate, monosaccharide can be soluble in water and the taste is sweetened, in nutritional sciences there are three types of monosaccharide, I will try to descibe here, and there are for: glucose, fructose and galactose.

Glucose / dextrose that can be found in fruits, vegetables, honey, corn syrup, and molasses. Once inside the body, glucose derived from the digestion of amilum, sucrose, maltose and lactose.

Fructose is fruit sugar or levulose, is included into the type of saccharide that tastes very sweet, found in the crown of flowers, honey and the result of hydrolysis of sugar cane. Fructose in our body resulting from the breakdown of sucrose.

Galactose can not be found in the great outdoors, galactose made itself in our body that is the result of hdrolisa of lactose.

Disaccharide is a mixture of 2 (two) monosaccharides, disaccharides on groceries, there are 3 types of sucrose, maltose and lactose.

Sucrose this is sugar we also use in everyday food, so it is more commonly called table sugar (table sugar) or granulated sugar and invert sugar is also called. Has 2 (two) monosaccharide molecules consisting of one molecule of glucose and one fructose molecule. Source: sugarcane ( that is really 100% contain sucrose in cane), , or we can find it in sugar palm juice (50%), hours, jelly.

Sugar is our day to day needs, the food we eat to get a sweet taste in it. Sugar is also a natural carbohydrate found in fruits. But now so many artificial sugars or better known as HFCS high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener made artificial food.

Today many companies use HFCS or corn sugar is more dangerous, we need to learn to distinguish between cane sugar and artificial sugar. You need to practice to understand the sweetness of sugar and artificial sweetness of cane sugar, artificial sugar taste sweet taste is very sweet and has no nutrients, excess consumption of this kind can lead to obesity and health problems.

People who consume more than 8 tablespoons of sugar per day can be dangerous, because the sugar in a portion of the lot is very dangerous for our health.

12 ounces of fruit juice has a (11 teaspoons)
12 ounces of soda (9 teaspoons)
12 ounces of sweetened tea containing (7 teaspoons)

Some types of sugar are often added to food that is brown sugar, corn sugar, corn syrup of sugar, fructose , glucose, corn syrup with high fructose content, honey, natural sugar, maltose, maltose syrup, molasses, raw sugar and etc.

So the result is between those are same as a sugar, and that is not good for our healt, you must consume it in portion and I have found very bad effect are made by fructose corn syrup in high compotition.

The researchers have been made observations about the fructose that cause of obesity in children or old man. You must be careful in choosing milk for your children, and need to be considered in and looking product label if in the milk are contain sugar or fructose. Added sugars in children's milk to make milk taste more delicious when our children drink it, but dangerous if there consist of fructose or HFCS.

Fructose led to the development of fat cells grow more rapidly in children. Fructose is a component of corn syrup with high fructose content that is widely used as a sweetener in a variety of foods. In a study of British university bristol in the fat cells grow more rapidly in fructose compared to cells grown in regular sugar.
You might ask, what foods should I avoid and try to eat healthy foods.? We have been saw a lot of ads on broadcast television advertising blitz, and we are caught up in foods that contain corn syrup.

There are three potentials that may be associated with high-fructose consumption.
1. Triglserda raise blood levels.
2. Raise the appetite.
3. Cause diabetes

Fructose found in HFCS to fructose in the diet are the same, e.g., corn syrup, onions, strawberries or tomatoes, regular sugar, the only difference is the contents. For that we need to know how much your body needs those sugar to avoid excessive consumption of fructose in it.

Find information about the content of the food you consume each day. Prior to buying food, look at the label, if there is a literature of fructose, or HFCS, so avoid these products.

Sometimes producer try to obscure the view of industry product consumers label, they no longer write HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Fructose Corn Syrup), but they write fructose alone. Another example of the MSG they wrote it with yeast extract, but both contain MSG.

For that we also expect the food regulatory agency could give more attention to the product in the market. that cases like the above cases can be minimizing for the future.

Asbestos Awareness

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Asbestos material can be detected by experts who know about it, SO if you want to know how to remove asbestos material you can see the following contractors company that handles this.

we do not know whether asbestos is around us, for it you needs a bit of knowledge so that we can detect and avoid or remove whether there is asbestos materiel in our homes are dangerous materials.
We all know that healthy living is a dream for everyone, and we want our lives free from various diseases. In this case my little sharing of knowledge about asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral fiber which is a group serpentile silica (kristosil the consist of magensium silicate hydroxide with a composition comprising (mg6 (OH) 6 (Si4011) H2O) and amphobole rock-forming mineral , which includes actinolite, amosite, etc.
The dust of asbestos is dangerous if inhaled in large quantities, for that you need to consider whether your home around are made by asbestos material or not.

The following are bad situation when happening.
1. the environment around you whether more material of asbestos.
2. number of houses that have roofs of asbestos
3. Activities disassemble and install asbestos around us.
4. Knocking down buildings contaminated with asbestos.
For that you are advised not to use asbestos in the home that you use, choose a material other than asbestos, so you are safer from various diseases caused by this asbestos. If you are interested you can also make such a complaint and form an organization that handles asbestos dust.
Or you can searching more information on internet then you will be understand about asbestos.
I will try to find more information about asbestos issues, that is not easy but I will do that to help you find out what asbestos is.